Tom Hyde presented his member moment at Lincoln South Rotary Club on May 4.
Tom grew up in Nebraska in a family of nursery owners. He attended Nebraska Wesleyan University and graduated from seminary school as a Methodist Minister in 1979. He pointed out that Methodist Ministers are appointed and therefore move frequently. He always served in Nebraska - but all across the State - Holdrege, Monroe, Beatrice, York, Sutherland, St. Paul and Sidney. He said his move to Lincoln was the first time he chose where he would live.
While in those various communities he was a member of Lions, Sertoma and Kiwanis as well as Rotary. He was the President of the St. Paul Rotary Club. He chose to make Rotary his Service Club because of the impact that they have. He mentioned that the St. Paul Rotary Club was responsible for a Habitat for Humanity home during Rotary's centennial year that was for a mother and twin sons. He also commented about the impact of RYLA and that St. Paul Rotary always sponsored participants - one of them is currently a member of our Rotary Club - Matt Horak. He is passionate about the efforts to eradicate Polio - he said he was happy that someone could dream big enough to take this one. And, the International aspects of Rotary are a true interest to Tom.
Something we may not know - his favorite type of music is A Cappella Barbershop Quartet..