Though Sandy Johnston was born in Pennsylvania, she grew up, and stayed, in Nebraska.
Sandy has one daughter and 2 perfect grandchildren.
Her career has gone in many directions. She is a teacher by education and spent many years training in the banking industry. She also had her own company and was in ad sales working with Kay Wunderlich. She retired from the formal work setting when her training job was changing but she is just now officially retiring.
She was in Rotary in Columbus for a number of years when she traveled a 50 mile radius. Besides the projects and community service, she enjoyed the opportunity to visit other clubs and get to know their communities.
Interesting information about Sandy - when she was younger she had a fun aunt that everyone wanted to spend time with. She would go places and do things and was very vibrant. When she turned about 70 she started to have tremors and could no longer do those things and it was difficult to see her fading. Sandy wants to experience all that she can - go as many places as she can - and create amazing memories. That way, when she is in a wheelchair in a retirement facility people will look at her and wonder "what that crazy old lady is smiling about".