The Lincoln South Rotary Club Scholarship Recipients joined us on May 8, 2020. We learned about their passions and future plans.

Matthew Dohmen (Northeast) - Plans to attend UNL - focus on Mechanical Engineering

One of the lessons that Matthew learned is being willing to make small sacrifices in order to serve our community. He talked about especially appreciating the opportunity to help needy and special needs individuals. He started volunteering early by helping his mom deliver Meals on Wheels. Matt talked about his bowling experience and how they were able to compete alongside Special Needs youth. He shared a story of how he became friends with a young man with autism. He said it means a lot to both of them to be friends - stopping in the halls at school to say hi and just ask how they are doing. 
Ben Laws (East) - not committed - focus on Computer Science and Mathematics
Ben spent 150 hours volunteering at the NonProfit Hub. He spoke about the mentors that he worked with and that helped cement his beliefs in giving to the community. He emphasized that he believes that every extra little thing he can do makes a big different to someone else. Every extra pint of blood helps save a life. Every extra donated coat helps one person stay warm and healthy. "Understanding the betterment of those in harder circumstances comes before the betterment of myself."
Sam Spethman (Southwest) - Plans to attend UNL - focus on Communications with emphasis on public engagement and public advocacy
"I know how lucky my life is" - I have lived a privileged life. It is easy to ignore the issues of others that are struggling. Sam spearheaded the organization of TIE - Teens Influencing Equity at Southwest High School. He was introduced to the concept in middle school. He knew that the population of Southwest - predominately white, upper class - was not aware of the diversity in the school. His goal was to raise awareness and acceptance. 
Scholarship Selection Committee:
Audrey Richert, Chair
Tom Cardwell
Clay Ehlers
Mary Gilbride
Tom Hyde
Jim O’Hanlon
Don Rabbe
Jason Varga