On September 28, "Air Force Brat" Bruce Remington told us about his background, work and interests.
Since Bruce's father was in the Air Force, they moved frequently. He was born in California. His brother as born in Florida. They were in many other cities and happened to be in Michigan upon graduation so that is where he attended college.
He was in Wyoming working for the UP Railroad. On the 3rd day on the job a train derailed in severe weather. Snow was waist deep and the temps were well below zero. The equipment was freezing up.
He returned to school and earned is MBA at UNL. He is in money management, working for Wells Fargo for about 25 years. He works with the institutional funds which means he travels to meet his clients.
He enjoys fishing and sports. He and his wife Kim attend many UNL sporting events - all sports, all seasons. He also has a model train.
When he first joined Rotary in Omaha Suburban, he learned that the purpose was service - not for promoting business - and he was happy with that. He has since learned that some of the greatest things about being a Rotary Member are those service opportunities as well as fellowship. And, the greatest thing - that is where he met Kim who is now his wife (they were both members of Lincoln 14).
Bruce has two grown children - Sarah lives in New York and Conrad is in Omaha.
There are a couple of things that people may not know about Bruce - he is likely the only chartered financial analyst who is also licensed to run a locomotive. And, when he was in high school he traveled with "Up With People".