Have a service idea? Contact Chan with and he will take it to the Board for approval to be added to this list.
To contact Chan - click here to send an email or call 402-421-7770.
Revolution Wraps is printing yard signs.
They are free - just pick them up and post around town to thank First Responders, Health Care Workers and others who are helping us continue to survive in these tough times.
I saw they they do run out some times but print more daily.
2901 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68521
(866) 402-9727
  • Sheets (cotton blend; used are fine); can arrange to pick them up (safely), launder and deliver to campus
  • Seamstress (if you can sew to create face masks and gowns); directions and patters provided
  • Contact is Aubrey Paulsen - click here to send an email or call 402-480-3487.
As you know I work at Tabitha and we have have been taking steps to keep our residents and team members as safe as possible during this time. Currently, we are asking for donations of sheets (used are fine!) as we can use to make personal protective equipment (PPE) - face masks and gowns. We are also in need of anyone who posses the sewing talent to help us make these items. I have specs and patterns for these.