During the Lincoln South Rotary Club meeting on June 22 we got to hear a Member Moment from Maxine Moul.
Maxine is retired. She and her husband managed a newspaper and also printing company. She has a journalism degree from UNL.
Later she entered public service and held some government positions. Her latest was an appointment by President Obama as State Director for USDA Rural Development. She retired with the change in Administration. (You can find Maxine on Wikipedia.)
She mused that as a politician and public figure she has gotten comfortable with public speaking. But she confessed that the first time she did a campaign speech was in front of 700 people - with her knees shaking and eye lids fluttering she had to question her decision.
Maxine likes Rotary because she has a strong believe in international relationships and cultural exchanges. She is looking forward to an upcoming trip to Morocco where she will be staying in homes. She likes Lincoln South Rotary because we are a friendly club that is a comfortable size where it is easy to get to know each other.
Maxine was a surrogate for Bob Kerry during his run for President. She traveled the US as his representative. What we may not know is that she was in a radio debate in New Hampshire. The other debater was Hillary Clinton.
From the Lincoln Journal Star article of the most inspirational women in Lincoln - read about Maxine Moul (click here.)