Kim Remington presented her Member Moment at the August 10 meeting of Lincoln South Rotary Club.
Kim has been in Rotary since 1997. She started visiting Lincoln South Rotary for make-up meetings when we were meeting at Misty's at 56th & Hwy 2 - so for many years. And, now she has joined our Rotary Club.
She was an only child, grew up in Waverly and attended UNL. Her entire career was at Nebraska Telecommunications, always on the fringes of politics.
She joined Lincoln 14 Rotary and that is where she met her spouse, Bruce. They have been married for 18 years and she has two step children - one in Omaha and one in New York City.
She took early retirement but then decided to try another job for about 10 months. She just started a new position helping with a political campaign - doing fundraising and organizing events.
She finds the Four Way Test to be what she likes most about Rotary - and how it is meaningful in all facts of life.
Picture this - Kim was attending an after-hours reception with a number of historical planes. She was given a ticket to fly along in a B17. Not dressed for the adventure she change into her tennis shoes. She then found some camping shorts in Bruce's car and, challenged to keep them around her waist - VOILA - a Bunge Cord. She did not share photos!