On May 18 we heard from Joyce Schmeeckle during our Lincoln South Rotary Club Member Moment.
Joyce grew up on a farm in Nebraska with 6 brothers and sisters. She is fortunate that her parents are still alive and they are all enjoying a growing family. Joyce is married to Bill Schmeeckle - they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
First as a Rotary-Ann (before women could be members of Rotary), Joyce has been active in Rotary for many years. She became a member in 1990 shortly after the mandate to allow women to join Rotary. Joyce was President of Lincoln South Rotary Club and has continued to serve the Club and the District.
Joyce is the owner of Schmeeckle Research - conducting reviews, surveys and providing analysis services. She enjoys travel, her book club and spending time on their farm.
She is passionate about Rotary and Lincoln South Rotary Club - she loves the International aspects of Rotary and all of the service that we provide.
She shared that, her book club, recently sponsored a refugee family from Sudan; she said it is humbling to get to know a family who has overcome so much - war, refugee camp, coming to America - and to understand how grateful they are for what they have.
She told us that she ran for Dairy Queen in high school - and did not win. She is living proof that life can go on after such a loss.