We got to know Elise White a little better during the Rotary Club meeting October 19.
Elise has a private law practice specializing in family law. She is married to Tyler who she described as a "Husker through and through". He did all of his studies at UNL and is now a teacher there.
Elise and Tyler have two children - a toddler and five-year old. She invited us to view their antics that are often posted to Facebook.
Joining Rotary in 2005, Elise was interested in service to the local and international communities and particularly appreciated the focus on peace. She was President of Lincoln South Rotary during the 2011-12 Rotary Year.
Many of us may know that Elise is a scuba diver. She and her father were diving near Omaha when her father noticed something attached to her tube. The two surfaced to find out that she was hooked by a fisherman. There was a story in the Omaha paper about his "big catch".