As much as we live by performing “Service about Self,” we are in a time where it forces us to act in our own best interest. The reason is that we cannot help others if we are not tending to ourselves.
This does not mean we ignore others it only changes the techniques. 
One way to help our elders is to be sure they are eating healthy.  This Friday we will hear from our members who are delivering Meals on Wheels.  Some of you may not be aware that we have a dedicated group of our members who deliver meals every week.  Hear how you can help - especially now.
If our meeting format is successful this week, we will attempt to broadcast every week.  The agenda for each meeting will be similar to our regular meetings.  We will have time to share the things in our lives that are important, like we do with Happy Dollars.  We will have announcements and project reports.  Each week we will ask one of our members to give a brief program about their career or hobby.  Most important is to gather, share, and interact. 
Lincoln South Rotary is the fun club in Lincoln, and we hope to carry that forward in our virtual meetings. 
Please join us this Friday…