I want to thank all of our members who have attended our meetings on Zoom.  Our virtual meetings are no substitute for our in-person meetings, but I was pleasantly surprised at how successful it has actually been.
In a couple of weeks we will be sending out statements for renewing your membership.  There has been discussion and concern as to whether the disruption in our meetings will impact the renewal rate.  None of us could have predicted that we would face a Pandemic this year.  The one thing that gives me hope is that the reasons that you joined Rotary still exist and when we restart our regular Venue meetings, we will soon forget that we went through this interruption. 
The past few days, I have noticed that the confinement has started to affect my attitude.  It must be doing the same to many of you.  I really need to have a good dose of seeing people and that is part of what a Rotary meeting does for me and I would guess for many of you.  This is the time for optimism, it is only a few short weeks (number to be determined) till we will be shaking hands and greeting each other face-to-face. 
My maternal Grandfather told me about the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1917.  He had lied about his age and joined the Army in 1916 and was assigned as a medic, stationed in Texas.  I will save you the details but let us say that we are so fortunate to be living in this time and in this Country.  Just like the Americans of 1917 we will recover and soon the crisis we be nothing but a story we tell our Grandchildren. 
Blessing to each of you.